Alternative Tourism

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Alternative Tourism     

Following the industry’s latest trends, our company has recently started to engage with every form of alternative tourism for travelers with specialized interests and needs.

We offer suggestions, recommendations and solutions for :

  • Healing Tourism  (SPA) 

We offer services regarding visits to healing centers for curating several different health issues (i.e stress therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, relaxation, nutrition, beauty treatment etc.), as well as for relaxation and revitalization of the body and soul.

  • Agricultural Tourism

We offer services regarding excursions in touristic agricultural units, both in Greece and throughout Europe, in specially designed accommodation, where visitors can live the dream of vacationing in the countryside and living like a local farmer.

  • Religious Tourism

We offer services regarding visits to Byzantine sites, monuments of religious architecture, churches and monasteries.

  • Sea Tourism

With sea as a focal point, we offer the possibility of chartering small or larger vessels, with or without a crew, as well as the chance to participate in a cruise all over the world and particularly through the Mediterranean sea and the Greek islands.

  • Conference Tourism   

We specialize in organizing, managing and executing smaller or larger scale conferences and events both in Greece and abroad.

Our staff has the experience and know-how of many years that is certain to lead a successful event carefully calibrated to fulfill each client’s needs.

Our policy is to design everything, from the initial phase up to the final details, in order to ensure the success of your event.

Apart from identifying the perfect location for your conference, we always stay within the limitations of your budget, offering the highest quality of services.

  • Medical Tourism  

We offer therapy packages in Europe’s and Greece’s best medical centers, at very competitive prices. (IVF, dental therapy, plastic surgery etc.)

Our staff’s many years of experience combined with the choice of suitable partners have proven to lead to a success fully adjusted to the needs of our clients.

  • Adventure Tourism

Regarding this form of tourism, we offer many suggestions that will undoubtedly lead to customer satisfaction, no matter how demanding the client might be.

Trekking and off-road trails, mountain climbing, mountain hiking, river trekking, windsurfing, paragliding, paintball, horse riding and diving are only some of the exciting activities that we recommend.


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