Religious Tourism

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Religious and Pilgrimage Trips

Religious tourism is a form of tourism that derives from the need of the faithful to witness the majesty of their religion.

Thousands of Byzantine churches, countless chapels, monasteries, temples and holy locations of pilgrimage are among the sites that inspire awe to Greece’s religious tourists.

For years now, our goal has been to identify and present you with the most christian locations for you to join us on a pilgrimage.

Browse through a few options on a vast variety of trips and excursions below, and if that does not cover your needs, inquire us to plan and organize your next visit at the most competitive price in relation to your party’s needs.

Choose the trip that suits you best, with some help form our website  and then ask for a price by sending an e-mail at

Religious Tourism in Greece and Beyond

  • Tinos | 3,4 days from 129 €
  • Karpenisi – Proussou Monastery 3,4 days from 90 €
  • Day Trip to  Eikosifinissa from 10 euros
  • St. John the Russian Monastery 2,3 days from 75 euros
  • Byzantine Ohrid 2,3 days from 80 euros
    • Patmos| 4,5 days from 139 €
    • Evoia – Prokopi | 3,4 days from 140 €
    • Meteora | 3,4 days from 150 €
    • Sumela Monastery | Day-trip from 15 €
    • Holy Land (Fransiscan Pilgrimage)
    • Constantinople (Capital of Christianity)
    • Minor Asia (7 temples of the Apocalypse)
    • Cappadocia (Fathers of Christianity)
    • Pontus (Pilgrimage at the homelands),
    • Southern Italy  (Magna Grecia),
    • Tbilisi (Orthodox Monasteries),
    • Bulgaria (Rilski Monastery – Byzantine Monasteries)
    • Romania – Moldavia (Christian Panorama),
    • Serbia (3 historical monasteries)


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